Thank you for your interest in the Hawkesbury Herpetological Society. We pride ourselves in our efforts to educate others about habitat preservation, care techniques, and other practical skills involved with keeping for Reptiles and Amphibians. Our members put this learning to use through practical activity to conserve bushland, rehabilitate wildlife, and advocate on behalf of native reptiles and amphibians.


Our patron

john-cannJohn Cann OAM - The 'La Perouse Snake Man' and legend in herpetology. John's family demonstrated snakes and reptiles to the public in weekly shows at "The Loop" in La Perouse, Sydney, from the early 20th century until 2010 when John retired. This alone educated and inspired generations of Australians in the ways of reptiles. He has written many books and has a continuing interest in freshwater turtles. We are honoured to have such a man as our patron.

 More about John: The Cann Family website "Snake man calls it a day"
ABC 7.30 Report 13/4/2010 


Our logo

lightsnakesansAt its centre is the Broad-headed Snake (Hoplocephalus bungaroides). Once a common species in the Sydney basin, this snake is now listed as endangered in NSW. Surrounding this image is a map of the Hawkesbury River system from which the Society takes its name.
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 More about The Broad-headed Snake: "Office of Environment Heritage NSW"
Threatened Species listing 


Our activities

expWe conduct field trips comprising one day outings and others taken over a weekend. Their purpose is to explore and survey an area for reptiles and amphibians, and just to get together for relaxation.

Every year since 2010 we have organised a Reptile Expo. These are busy and popular days where herpetologists come together to demonstrate to the public what we do and what we know. There are displays of reptile and amphibian equipment as well as merchandise from specialist outlets and manufacturers. Also on display are reptiles of all types, some being professionally judged on their qualities. Each year is more popular than the last and we see it as a vital component in educating and informing the public about the creatures we love.

Check out our photo-gallery and see what we get up to. 


Our library & publications

Available to all members to access, our library contains a variety of material with more than enough to suit anyone interested in herpetology. Books can be borrowed at all meeting, or by arrangement with the librarian.

The Broadhead News: This is the society's monthly newsletter and contains information and news about events in the society and elsewhere relevant to herpetology. 

It includes a Reptile Exchange List where members can publicise reptiles and amphibians wanted or available  (Remember: you must be a member of the society and be licensed with NPWS to advertise or acquire reptiles and amphibians this way). Advertising costs are $5 per species up to 5 species.
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The Hawkesbury Herpetologist: The Society's herpetological information journal. It contains in-depth articles about the ecology, natural habits, and the captive care (where legally applicable) of (primarily) Australian reptiles. Published twice yearly it can be purchased for a reasonable cost (plus postage where required).


The Hawkesbury Herpetological Store

This store is at all our meetings and contains:

  • back issues of herpetological magazines
  • books on herpetology and other subjects
  • T-shirts & sweaters
  • jewellery
  • posters
  • first aid materials and kits
  • bandages (a must for field trips)
  • dissection kits (makes a good basis for a first aid kit)
  • and other herp related gear...

Our general meetings

Held once a month, each has a guest speaker. These talks can include topics varying from scientific presentations and professional keeper's advice, to amateur keepers with something to share. Some are for education and others for pure interest. Many include slide shows and practical advice, such as how to set up cages for beginners, and the latest developments in herpetology practice. Everyone is welcome at our meetings, whether on your own or in a family group.


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