Why become an HHS member?

If you have an interest in reptiles or amphibians then you might just be a herpetologist. Joining a herpetological society like ours has many benefits...

  • Meet others at meetings and events who have interests the same as yours
  • Gain advice and tips from experienced herpetologists to keep your reptiles healthy
  • Enjoy a variety of guest speakers with the lastest and best herp facts
  • Borrow books from our extensive library
  • Attend field trips and behind the scenes tours of zoological parks
  • And much more...

Membership packages 2015/2016


Single Membership Package $36
includes: Single Membership  
  The Hawkesbury Herpetologist (2 issues)  
  Postage - The Hawkesbury Herpetologist  
  The Broadhead News (12 issues - inc. postage)  

add an extra $10 each for other members at the same address


The postage prices quoted are for Australia only.

Membership prices shown are for the 2015/2016 subscripition and are subject to change.

To inquire about membership fill out our easy online form.

MEMBERS PLEASE NOTE: At this time the HHS does not offer online renewal of memberships. It is hoped this facility will be available in the near future. Please DO NOT use the above online memberhip inquiry form.


Reptile & Frog Licensing in NSW

To keep captive bred reptiles and frogs as pets in NSW you will need a keepers licence. To download the application forms and get more basic information on what is required - click here.

NPWS Native Animal Keeper Electronic Record Keeping System. 

If you would like to submit your annual record of the animals you keep you now can do it online - click here.

Apply or Renew a Licence Online.

You can now submit and renew your Animal Keepers Licence online.

To take a look at the information from OEH - click here.

Or if you would like to apply for or renew your licence now - click here.

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