Hawkesbury Herps Publications

The Broadhead News is The HHS monthly newsletter for members to keep them up to date with HHS and reptile news.  Members can elect to receive the Broadhead via email or by post.  The Hawkesbury Herpetologist is the HHS Magazine.  It was edited by Frances Stopford and Stephen Boys for 20 years before they stepped down and Linda Martin took over.  When Linda stepped down Marianne Arthur took over and edited our last two magazines, before stepping down to concentrate on being a Mum.

After 20 years of editing the Hawkesbury Herpetologist Frances and Stephen put their heads together and decided to put together The Hawkesbury Herpetologist Retrospective.  What they created is an amazing representation of the work they, the HHS committee and the wider reptile community did to educate other keepers and the wider public about the reptiles.  I hope they are as proud of the work they have done as we are because it paved the way for everything we do in the society today.  If you are interested in reptile history this book is a must have, available at Hawkesbury Herpetological Inc. monthly meetings.

Terry-Ann McCall